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, miss... julie reynolds. hey, nice job! yeah, if i do say so myself. thanks again, both of you. it was a pleasure. [bell rings] got to go. julie. can we have dinner tonight? you're just as fast off the court. if you don't... it sounds good. 7:00, 7:30? 7:00. see you then. hey. have you folks decided? yeah. i'll have the veal marsala, a salad with the house dressing. sir? steak. medium rare. which steak, sir? we have several on the menu. oh, which steak. let me see... steaks are on the other page, sir. oh, i know that. let me just take a look at that. i see why you were having trouble. they all look so good. the porterhouse looks the best, though. yeah, that's what i was thinking. porterhouse. medium rare. same salad. thank you. excuse me. you'll do fine here at sports gear. having a sports figure as our sales representative is good for our image. i got the job? it's in the bag. how bad is this heart thing? you won't keel over? i'll be fine. i just can't play basketball. do you need a letter? no. sounds fine. soon as you finish this aptitude test, i'll introduce you to mr. lee.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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